Timboon foodie scene booming

Timboon’s visitor economy has received another shot in the arm as the town’s reputation as a foodie destination goes from strength to strength.

Another three jobs have been created with the opening of The Corner Store in Timboon. It is the outcome of Emma Pope’s love of the town, its growing foodie culture and a partnership with Mortlake butcher Brendan Bouchier.

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“I think Timboon is the envy of many regional towns in Victoria. It’s a wonderful example of how a small town can transform itself into a destination without a marquee natural attraction,” she said.

“I’m really excited to be adding another destination to our community’s offering. A lot of people have done a lot of work to build the collective product.

“It was identified by the town’s community plan, a Blueprint for Timboon, back in 2011 that food tourism could drive economic opportunity in the town and it is.”

The Corner Store offers higher welfare beef, lamb, chicken and pork in addition to gourmet beer and wine, smallgoods, cheeses, fresh fruit and vegetables and ready-to-go meals.

Emma said a range of motivators had convinced her and her family to invest in the town’s growing foodie offering by opening The Corner Store.

“This site was a butcher shop for 80 years and had a proud history, so part of it was about reactivating an empty shop and helping this end of town to entice shoppers,” she said.

“Our community deserves to be able to buy fresh local produce and more and more people love sitting down at night with a charcuterie board of cured meat, cheeses, olives, condiments and a glass of wine.

“I’ve always loved cooking as well, so to be able to package The Corner Store up to also offer healthy, home cooked meals for people to reheat and enjoy is a massive thrill. I’m also doing two salads every day for takeaway lunches. It’s so much fun.”

Emma said in only a few short weeks since opening, she’d been buoyed by the number of Great Ocean Road visitors who were coming inland to enjoy Timboon’s foodie scene.

“We’ve had a great mix of locals and tourists and I think that’s the great thing about food and drink – it brings people together…it’s inclusive, fun and makes memories,” she said.

“The 12 Apostles Food Artisans and a number of key food experiences have laid the foundation and to be a part of that culture now is our way of not only contributing to the offering but contributing to the economy, employment and our town’s future prosperity.”

The Corner Store is located at 12 Main Street and trades from 10am-5.30pm Tuesday to Friday and 10am-2pm on Saturdays. (Edited due to change of hours).

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